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The QueerCore Podcast, hosted by August Bernadicou, elucidates radical, LGBTQ activists' dark histories. It is a spotlight on the catalysts who fought in the front-lines, in the back-lines and in the trenches of civil rights. The QueerCore Podcast is an opportunity for them to tell their stories in their own words. It is an opportunity for them to tell them for their first time, for their last time and to the world.

August Bernadicou is a 26-year-old interviewer and archivist for unknown and untold stories about LGBTQ liberation and civil rights. In 2008, when August was 14 years old, he started recording interviews with LGBTQ activists from the 1950s through the AIDS Crisis. To date, August has done over 500 interviews. In 2019, August founded the LGBTQ History Project. In 2020, he launched the QueerCore Podcast. 

The QueerCore Podcast is a celebration of August Bernadicou’s interviews featuring both archival and new recordings and is edited by Chris Coats. 

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