Don Kilhefner is the most dangerous gay activist alive in America. He has fought for LGBTQ equality in the streets and behind a desk for over fifty years. 


Fresh out of high school, Don joined the Peace Corps and was in the first group to go to Ethiopia. After that, he graduated with a master's degree in African Studies from Howard University, an HBCU. The 1969 Stonewall Riots hit him hard, and he immediately joined the pioneering gay activist group, The Los Angeles Gay Liberation Front. 

In 1971, through the Gay Liberation Front, he co-founded the Gay Community Services Center which has since evolved into the LA LGBT Center, a model center for the world with a $172 million dollar yearly budget and nearly 800 employees. In 1979, Dr. Don co-founded the Radical Faeries, an international network and countercultural movement directed towards exploring queer consciousness. In the midst of creating enduring social change, Dr. Don has dedicated the last chapter of his life to eldering. At 82 years old, he still has a therapy practice and continues to see clients of all races, ages and sexual orientations.

Episode Three of the QueerCore Podcast is the story of a man who has kept his eye on the prize and shot between the eyes. It is a pre-cliché love story about a radical activist who, through his own voluntary simplicity, has bountifully provided to downtrodden people all over the world.