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Michela Griffo ran away from home when she was 16 years old. In 1969, her planned heterosexual marriage ended due to religious differences. Her life was changed! Following this, she embraced her true lesbian identity and fell in love with an Eileen Ford model.

After her friend nearly died from a botched abortion attempt, Michela threw herself into activism by joining The Redstockings, a group that was fighting to legalize abortion in New York State. She became an early member of the Gay Liberation Front, the pioneering activist group that kickstarted a mass movement after the Stonewall Rebellion. During her time in the Gay Liberation Front, she took on the Mafia. They even put a gun to her head! 

She has also been involved in numerous other activist groups, such as the National Organization for Women and the Radicalesbians. Michela's artistic contributions gained recognition with her iconic poster for the first Gay Pride march in 1970, which boldly proclaimed, “I am your worst fear. I am your best fantasy.”

Episode 3 of Season 2 of The QueerCode Podcast is also about a feisty Italian woman who didn’t care who you said you were. She ain’t even scared of the Mafia!

You can read our interview feature on Michela Griffo by clicking here.

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