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Do not call Perry Brass “daddy” unless you are at a leather bar! 

Perry is an author, editor, and OGL (Original Gay Liberationist) known for his contributions to queer literature, including editing and publishing the Gay Liberation Front’s magazine, Come Out. In 1972, he co-founded the Gay Men’s Health Project, which evolved into the Community Health Project, and then, through the AIDS epidemic, into Callen-Lorde, one of the largest healthcare providers for LGBTQ people in medical need. Through his numerous books, essays, and articles, Perry explores themes of identity, sexuality, and social justice. In addition to his literary work, Perry is actively involved in advocacy, dedicating himself to amplifying queer voices and fostering inclusivity. His efforts have significantly shaped the LGBTQ literary landscape.

In Episode Two of Season Two on the QueerCore podcast, discover the inspiring story of a man on the move who was born into the challenges of being too Jewish, financially strained, and gay. Overcoming assimilation tendencies and intrinsic disadvantages, he manages to advance gay liberation ideologies without losing himself along the way. It is a tale of resilience, self-discovery, and exploring the delicate balance between identity and advocacy.

You can read our interview feature on Perry Brass by clicking here.


2024 action item: Visit the Gay Liberation Front Foundation online by clicking here. The GLFF fosters, preserves, and promotes the New York City Gay Liberation Front's legacy. Perry serves on the Board of Directors as the President.

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