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Forbes Magazine, LGBTQ Podcasts New In 2020 To Binge This Winter: "Is there anything better than queer punk? Well, mix this with politics and history and you're starting to get the many layers August packs into interview podcast Queercore. The show has spoken to a number of pioneers and unsung heroes since it started this year."

The Bay Area Reporter, Hearing their stories: Queercore Podcasts share LGBT history"The concept of accepting elders has been erased by youth culture, by my generation. Assimilation has played a big part of it, but also, there is a loss of a sense of purpose."

GOMAG, QueerCore Podcast Uncovers Forgotten Gay History One Episode At A Time: "Consistently, many of Bernadicou’s subjects are people ... who have been lost, who eschewed the spotlight for principles, or who are at risk of being written out of their own history. Who we remember — whose contributions we deem worthy of acknowledging — often signifies who we value and subsequently reflects the world we wish to create."

WEHOville, QueerCore, a Podcast That Explores LGBTQ History and Those Who Made It: "What happened in the past may result in regrets and action to make sure it doesn’t happen again. But history sometimes can and should be celebrated. History also is populated with events and people that can inspire us and delight us."

curve, QueerCore Podcast Shines A Light On Lesbian Activist: "The crux of my work is exposing those who have been forgotten. Now more than ever the people who built the LGBTQ community are having their legacy minimalized or erased by vested interests and marginal figures. It is important to me, and hopefully more, that we understand the origins of a community that has only been built over the last 50 years."

The Fight, Back To The Future: "When you are young, remember: the rest of the world is wrong, don’t let anyone change you. One day you will wake up and realize that your youth is behind you even though you are still young at heart. Ideologies and labels are limiting. Don’t overthink it."

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